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mitchell layton

mitchell layton has been part of the washington d.c. and baltimore photography world for over 30 years. he has distinguished himself as an established and well-respected photographer known for his creativity, reliability, and dedication.

long standing relationships with george washington university, american university, georgetown university, the verizon center and all of the local professional sports teams have established layton as the area's leading photographer for sports and entertainment. his relationships with many baltimore and washington independent schools has led to another creative avenue for him. his photos are represented by getty images. in recent years, his work (an image of abe and irene pollin) was part of an exhibit (“glimpses of the neighborhood”) at the national portrait gallery that documented the changing neighborhood around the then, newly built, verizon center. a planned traveling exhibit sponsored by the national portrait gallery will feature more of his work.

his venture into creating a photographic file for colleges and independent schools has brought a different element to his work. layton recognizes the vast differences among these schools’ mission, traditions and philosophies and works with each school to develop a catalogue of pictures that can be used to promote itself.

in addition to his work with schools and local sports teams, layton has had the opportunity to cover three olympic games, as well as every major sporting event in the united states including, but not limited to super bowls, stanley cup finals, ncaa championships and world series. layton’s photographs have appeared in sports illustrated, espn: the magazine, usa today, time, newsweek and national geographic. his work also appears regularly on sports web sites that include sports,, and, as well as in many print publications that are read worldwide.